featured south africans + friends overseas
  Chris Jeavons Utah, United States of America
  Philip Woolf Aberdeen, Scotland
  Gareth 'Macky' Reineke Ontario, Canada
  Dusan Halloun Switzerland
Chris Jeavons

Chris Jeavons
28 years of age
Shoots right
South African / Brittish
55 SA National Caps

Chris started playing ice hockey at the age of 9 years old in Johannesburg youth leagues. As his tallent was swiftly noticed by teams and coaches throughout South Africa he was selected for various national team in both junior and senior level, earning the title and priviledge of captaining Team South Africa 3 times where he has earned 11 caps for his country.

Chris then left South Africa in 2001, after playing for 10 years, where he then stayed and played in Croatia for KHL Mldost & in Scotland, in the BNL for Edinburgh Capitals. Finally settling down in USA, Chris took a spot on the roster for the Park City Pioneers in the US Senior Elite and is currently playing for the Utah Senior Grizzlies in the US Senior Elite League.

Chris remains 'very' apart of ice hockey in South Africa with always an eye on things happening here. Perhaps we will see Chris' back on the roster for Team South Africa in the near future.

Philip Woolf

Philip Woolf
Born on 24 March 1980
Shoots right
South African / Brittish
54 SA National Caps

Philip started playing hockey at the age of 14 in Pretoria and this is where he first realised his passion for the ice.

Being selected for both the U17 and U20 National teams in 1997 helped to boost his playing skills and assisted with turning him into the player that he is today. Philip's skill on the ice and passion for the game lead to him captaining both his local hockey team and the U20 national team touring to the IIHF World Championships.

As a "Brit", Philip moved to the UK where he played for the Altrincham Aces in Manchester who, at the time were a Semi-Pro team. His love for animals and wildlife brought him back to South Africa, Cape Town this time, as he assisted with the sea-birds in the mass oil spillage mid 2000's.

Growing fond of Cape Town, Philip stayed and played for the local Sharks team where he started his coaching career alongside playing. Again moving back to Scotland this time, Philip rostered in with the Moray Tornadoes where he also coached the U14 and U16 teams.

Currently playing for the Aberdeen Lynx in the Scottish National League, but always having a keen eye and look on what is going on back in SA.

Gareth Macky Reineke

Gareth Macky Reineke
Born on 20 July 1981
Shoots right
South African / Canadian Citizenship
49 SA National Caps (Junior & Senior combined)

Gareth or "Macky" as he is known by (name from his love for maccaroni) began his hockey career at the age of 11 in Johannesburg where he played in various leagues developing into a fine young hockey player.

Macky also travelled to Canada to hone his skills and simply progressed in leaps and bounds. An early entry into both junior and senior SA National teams he rose to the top of the leaderboards with ice time minutes, goals and assistants. Since the age of 19 years, Macky and his family relocated to Canada where they currently still stay.

Since his change of location Macky has played in the OHA under a "semi-professional" banner where he was signed as a free agent to the Belleville McFarlands helping them reach the Semi-finals in the 2006 Playoffs.

Since 2004 he has been "giving back" and gaining coaching experience as trainer / assistant and forward coach for various Minor Midget AAA, Midget AAA, Peewee AA teams and is currently the head coach at Hockey Camp International.

Dusan Halloun

Dusan Halloun
From Czech Republic, Kladno
Shoots Left

Dusan started playing ice hockey from a very early age in his home country Czech Republic where his astonishing skills were honed to that of a truely great and natural ice hockey player.

He played in his home country in one of the top Chech leagues before he left for the States as part of an adventure and "living the hockey dream". Through Dusan's tours of 12 countries he experienced great hockey & has played alongside some NHL powerhouses namely Zidlicky, Elias, Plekanec, Kaberle, Vokoun and a couple others.

A couple years back we were fortunate to have Dusan as a resident in Gauteng where he played for the Pretoria Capitals and the Krugersdorp Wild Cats. He was soon to be known as "the guy in the white Nike skates" and he was magic to watch on the ice. Some say he could scrore at will and others say that he was better than even that, all we know is that whichever team he played on, that team rose to the top.

Apart from being able to skate end to end with the puck and make goaltenders look rather silly, he helped players and definitely lifted the level of ice hockey in South Africa overall. In an online interview with Dusan, he said that South Africa was a great place to stay, although that hockey was not terribly challenging, he was impressed with the skills of the players and made some good friends during his brief stay.

Last season Dusan was still playing at a top level in Chech where he was player/coach but has decided to hang up his skates for the time being and concentrate on coaching as he does enjoy it tremendously but says that he will be back on the ice shortly.

Dusan is keen to come back to South Africa and play a bit when he finds some time in the near future.


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